You do not carry responsibilities, as long as you’re not satisfied

The suffering of gentlemen

If I do not come to you now, what will you do?

Almost always you have nothing to give to me

I thank you for your upbringing, love and livelihood

Really, a mother does not always have to pay

She kept you screened off in her belly, 

and you kept yourself from her labors

Clothing and shelter, always looking for stress 

Taxpayers, nation builders, again it’s hard

You have no reputation, you are arrogant, you are perverted

Whenever you travel, blood and disaster, do you not rest? 

You have certainly slipped, and the way you have lost

Who will guide you, who has been given the power?

Still, your eyes are beautiful, and they are strong 

and they are full of modesty

Your eyes are enduring

He who lives forever, let him lie down and weep

The grave is right in front of you, but you do not flee

That is why I praise you for your beauty, and how you are made

My heart awakens what it predicts

I’m coming, I’m coming to you now

text: Ian Memgard
image: Juliusz Lewandowski

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