My Dear Friend

My Dear Friend,

Didn’t you once say that you have no need of experience? That you know everything without it? That was my little joke – but who knows, maybe you did say that once!

I thought a letter would be the best and most funlaughty way to reach out to you. It’s perhaps the only real way nowadays to shatter that suspicious getting-acquainted-again feeling. The horrible shyness and small talk, you know? The sudden cessation of the fun and the laughty leaves you almost too tired to keep up, and that’s why I decided to write to you – with the hope of bringing the funlaughty back in a cutesmarty fashion – just like Tchaikovsky’s – 1812 Overture!

I’ve been in an excellent and most flattering mood today. I look 20 and I feel like 16. The fucking weather is fucking great. Strangers on the street “Guten Tag” me here and there, and I always reply with an even more exaggerated “GUTEN TAG!” The best quality the Germans possess is that they never realize when you’re being A Clown.

I feel like I should “ask you things”, but I really don’t know what that would be. What’s your life like? How are you? Any salacious rumors to share? Bla bla bla. I mean, I could tell you about my life, but what’s there really to say. A friend of mine always says that I’m lacking when it comes to the art of “describing things”, that I always describe people, events, et cetera, in a most uninspiring way. For example, “she’s super nice”, “it was super fun”… but I really find it to be enough. If it’s nice it’s nice, and if it’s super nice it’s super, and as for telling you about my life, all I can say is that IT IS NICE. As for you, please share with me whatever your will should dictate. 

(I’m going to be an Heiress soon, by the way, I guess that’s kind of funny news… it’s a long story, maybe I’ve told you?) Just let the money flow through your bank account, yeah yeah yeah, don’t attempt to control, yeah… haha… )

Do you think you’ll make a return here when you can? I feel a kind of cruelty in you not being here, born of the same humor and the very same boredom we both very well know… Is it madness? But at the end of the day I just hope you’re doing well… If I were to see you soon that would be super nice, but I’m sure you’d agree: if God don’t do it, it just won’t get done. 

Perhaps my letter has insinuated that you are under obligation to write me back, which you are of course not, but please feel free to do so… it would be most charming! 

Amore e luce / 

Your friend / Annika 

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