Catcheur Catch Me

I’m in a bad mood
My heart aches
I’ll take my first dose and pour it all down, into my stomach
After yesterday’s game
I see his hook approaching my mouth
Don’t ask me what I was thinking
When I dropped my defense
I just felt the mouth guard go into my gum
And passed out
I have no more strength
You do not understand
That it’s you I think of while spitting blood
You don’t care
I’m on the stretcher and you take my hand
You will do better in the next game
Manager from hell
I know you want my skin and my money
The city warping all around the traffic lights
The paramedics have faces of vultures
They tried to pick me up

But I’m more of a support than you
I can’t stand your sad reaction to my failures
In the morning when I wake up
You make coffee, very black, very strong
Like your straight ass

I’m not asking you to bear my failures
And you think about the game
Semi final
I’d rather you love me as dumb as I am
That we are taken care of in material life
Fuck glory
As long as my jaw lasts
I am not a machine
I will take neither gold nor iron to my grave
I’d rather be a secret bomb
And drink good bottles in secret
Training starts again
And I take so many hits
I take my protein
Make a sour face
You’re sexy you tell me while covered in sweat
And undermined by effort
I’m not Frankenstein babe
I’m not as kind
Listen boss, I won’ die for this
And it pisses you off that I’m not bleeding today
You convince me to save my anger for when I get to hell
So I dumped you, put a mini shirt on my muscular wrestler’s ass
And I hitchhiked in New Port, the airport

I ‘d rather find stable relationship where I’m not getting hurt
And to live by the beach or on another planet

text & image: Clément Szuszkin
translation: Ian Memgard

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