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by the readers

Love Stories by Readers

Our sexy readers share their most romantic moments

by Beate Björkengren

A Date with Thanatos

He lights my cigarette upside down,

happy to support a lethal habit

to see me sooner.

by Ian Memgard

The Music

I turn myself into a ship captain and dock at every port, where my lovers are waiting for me.

by Ian Memgard

How to flirt

A practical guide from the master of seduction

by Zola Gorgon

Incel Mind Tricks

At first, you want to be so beautiful that everyone who sees you has to love you. Then you say, hurt and suspicious: but do you only love me because I am beautiful?

by Clément Szuszkin

Catcheur – Catch Me

You’re sexy you tell me while I’m full of sweat
And undermined by effort

by Fredrika Flinta

I feel subaltern because I don’t have what I need, which is a lot of consciousness

To manifest my longing for the light, I say to the one I know best: I’m leaving and I’m never coming back.