The Comedown

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by Ian Memgard and Zola Gorgon

The Comedown

Flourishing decadence and drug abuse – inspired, undoubtedly, by a network of fallen angels – IS on the rise again. We at Purgatory Magazine ask questions no one dares to ask – and give you the best tips and remedies for easing the Comedown.

by Fredrika Flinta

Morning Mass

It’s morning and bright and my throat is black from cigarettes when I realize that I, like, hate myself? Not because of what I did tonight. I realize that I hated myself before I left the house to party.

by Ian Memgard

Mixed Race

You have given yourself a command to dream big.

by Ian Memgard

My Boyfriend

My poetry was so brand new that my boyfriend fucked me numerous times that night.

by Ian Memgard


85. One should deliberate serious matters first completely possessed by Dionysus, then sober. 

by Zola Gorgon

Love of my life

I sought the love of my life tirelessly in the mirror.

by Beate Björkengren


 like every dress
you hid a petticoat
far too hideous for your own reticence

by Zola Gorgon

My Comedown

Partying really can be a total riot.