En dejt med Thanatos

Genom natten går jag,

tomma skuggor längs vägen

likt gatulampor.

På en date med Thanatos,

hans beniga hand i min.

Förenade i livet, vigda i döden.

Ett löfte om en ring av vallmo

en dag (natt).

Han är en medelmåttig magiker,

fast i sina egna utbrytartricks.

Han tänder min cigarett uppochner,

glad över att stötta en vana

som påskyndar vårat möte.

Han lyfter upp mig för att kika över stängslet.

Gräset är inte alltid grönare,

men det är ändå gräs.

Våra fötter doppade i den mörka avgrunden, Lethe

flyter förbi oss,

en oändlig motorväg,

hans bror skejtandes nerför den.

Ingen kan skejta som honom

men ändå

ser han bara till att skejta som sin bror,

en evig imitation av en Ollie.

Springandes förbi förortshusen,

som inhyser de döda,

gamla Hades hund skäller trefaldigt på altanen.

För skojs skull slår vi sönder brevlådor,

tolv gånger.

Jag är snabbare

men han fångar mig alltid,

vaggad i hans kalla famn;

en påminnelse om detta


Omsluten av hans mamma,

älskar i hennes livmoder,

detta förbund kan inte vara mera än

för alltid.

Sorgsen över att vara ett one night stand,

men medveten om att ett stelt påstötande ÄR oundvikligt.

Bild: Zola Gorgon
Text: Beate Björkengren

A date with Thanatos

Through the night I walk,

empty shadows paving the way

like streetlights.

On a date with Thanatos,

his bony hands clasping mine.

A unison in life, sanctioned in death.

Promised a ring of poppy

one day (night).

He’s a mediocre magician,

getting stuck in his own escape tricks.

He lights my cigarette upside down,

happy to support a lethal habit

to see me sooner.

He lifts me up to peek over the fence.

The grass isn’t always greener,

but it is grass nonetheless.

Dipping our feet in the dark abyss, Lethe

flows by us, 

a never ending highway,

his brother skating down it.

No one can skate like him 

and yet

he only looks to skate like his brother,

forever the imitation of an Ollie.

Running past the suburban homes

housing the dead,

the dog on old man hades porch barking threefold.

For fun we smash mailboxes,

twelve times.

I run faster

but he always catches me,

cradling me in his cold embrace;

a reminder of this


Enveloped by his mother,

making love inside her womb,

this union can’t last more than


Sad to be a one-night stand,

but knowing an awkward run in IS inevitable.


In my chamber again at last!
A safe haven for a girl unbound by style,
the only sanctuary for a suffering soul.
My Mother, true womb,
what am I to the pale light of the sun? 
Naught but a single powerless peon,
but confined within this coffin
I wreak havoc within my universe.
Decorated by Venus idols not from an aged passed,
but imbued with sweaty boy dreams,
broken spine ideals,
sexy anime girls never betray you. 

Endless streams of eyeliner tears,
concocted magic through online rituals.
To the outside an adolescent sight,
to me the workings of alchemy.
My chamber echoes my vanity
and my distant dreams and aspirations.
Here I can be who I choose to be,
nay, who I must be!
Incarnate evil reincarnated,
dark stormy nights on the open sea,
My waves crash into lighthouses, extinguishing fires,
a Leviathan of broken dreams.

Outside is but the masses fit for madness
ruled by squeezing yourself into a conventional mold and feigning emotional safety.
Alas, it is a world unfit for one such as I
for my existence can be only here
within this cramped space I call home,
encumbered by sins from lives long past
here is the last bastion for wayward thoughts,
like the tower to the Lady of Shallot,
only observing the world through a mirror,
lest she be consumed by her curse.
”And so she weaveth steadily”. 

Ah, here I can brood in peace
to music that evokes the deepest recesses of the soul 
until the day inevitably comes 
when these walls crumble and fall.
If that is fate then so be it!
I shall dawn myself to the world 
and leave this cradle 
to walk with goths and non-goths alike.
But until then I take solace in my own company,
fuckboys just don’t cut it.
My chamber fits only me,
feeding off the dark like a leech.

text: Beate Björkengren


to be born into the grave
not willing, nor able
the lilacs growing eventually in spring

lulled gently by the cradle
the rotting carcasses of unfulfilled wishes tipping over the edges,
growing like mold

it didn’t have to be that way but it was
and it became the march through the night all of us
like the dance macabre
became morbid figures
dancing the night away

it wasn’t like we had a chance to become
ourselves or anything
after all,

a birth rooted in death is, figuratively, an preemptive strike

like burning candles in the wind
not really understanding the meaning of heat

it is fragile

Text: Beate Björkengren
Image: Alexander Norton, “Was ist loss?”, 2015