Hot or Not in 2023

This year was a real treat. Looking back we can’t help to rejoice in love and laughter over Skärseldens Valentine’s Day Special. We also will remember the night of Love Purgatory forever! And our beautiful zines How to Flirt and Skate Boy Theory. And last but not least, the inevitable Comedown.

But never ever would we think to say our farewells to 2022 before giving you Purgatory Mags exclusive Hot or Not list!!! The only thing you really need to know is that if you’re reading this you’re Hot and generally speaking not much is Not. Let’s begin!


  • Syrup
  • Dick girth, not length. Looking at the penis and admiring its aesthetic
  • Bill collectors
  • Traditional folk music. Have you ever experienced callous betrayal and thought to yourself, “a folk musician would never have treated me this way?” Having this to believe in makes life bearable, and so does the extreme beauty of traditional. folk. music
  • The perfect man. Since he was absent during 2022
  • Saving money. You never know what you’re gonna buy!!
  • Writing scandalously, posting scandalously
  • Going clinically insane at least once
  • Nice dancing to Congolese rumba music. Now imagine a man or a woman of pure attractiveness dancing so nicely in a bar in West Berlin, and you exclaim “My life is complete!”
  • Cinema – Our friend was so scared of the bird man in the Czechoslovak version of Beauty and the Beast that he had to look at his phone the whole time, and that’s how he learned that one of his acquintances had been beaten up, went to him at 2AM to provide emotional support, and ended up fucking him instead. This is just one example of the power of cinema.
  • Headwear – both comedic and beautiful
  • TRUST. in people
  • French cuisine
  • flirting/dating/romancing/courting with vigor and intent, put on some opera right now
  • McDonald’s is allowed
  • Final wave feminism
  • Donating to animal charities, helping the animal world
  • To stare fearlessly into the pussy during lesbian sex. What is there to be scared of? The world is your oyster.


  • Having your heart touched


  • A faint poop smell . If you smell like shit you’re out! Get a bidet!
  • Skater boys. Aint nobody got time for that
  • Issues from Eastern Europe, issues from wherever really
  • Longing. The time for fruitless yearning is long due, don’t you have better things to do?
  • Swish
  • Nice family life with a house. You think you’re gonna have a nice life? not on our watch
  • Getting a better understanding of yourself as you get older through Lana Del Rey’s music

The Purgatory Magazine editorial board wishes all our hot readers a HOT 2023.

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