if i look at you now
my sentiment is this: teeth shatter,
i cower up like a dying dog
sweat trickling down my forehead like beady arrows
aiming for my
stomach growling to expedite you from my guts.
you are my swelling guilt
my mistakes past midnight

your charm, and modest provenance
drew me in inconspicuously
a dance as natural as
one fancied danced before
within the realm of predictability

yet like every dress
you hid a petticoat
far too hideous for your own reticence
my curiosity unknowingly nudging on your calves
eager to devour you
conviction and all

among my ribs you grow now
a slithering skin inside of mine
a parasite upon my flesh
as i turn into a jumbled mess of melting marrow
you wrestle control over my
willing joints

i fret at your presence,
at my own yearning,
our past and future
your journey to my lips proved far too fruitful
: we manifest as juxtapositioned beings

being better off
your worst enemy
never having you tread the curves of my arteries again
i light a candle to my own folly
every damn time

Text: Beate Björkengren
Image: Zola Gorgon

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