Mixed Race

How did you end up where you are?
It is said you are the emissary of your own rival.
Your pride comes from how you confuse people.
You have given yourself a command to dream big.
Your ancestors sent a Croatian writer to a Tanzanian jazz band.
I don’t have time to talk about it.
I had to travel all the way to Brussels to buy a brand new mixer I saw on TV.
It is inappropriate for me to hear that you are suffering in my abscence.
You are sulking uselessly because of how mixed race you are.
Who cares?
You wish yourself an untimeley death because of how mixed race you are.
Give me a break.
My handsome man.
The man of my heart.
Shut up.
What will I do if I break my brand new mixer?
I’m not sure your mixed race hands could repair it.
Nothing like that interests me.
What are people talking about nowadays?
Are they talking about race?
Must be some topic.

Text: Ian Memgard
Image: Saint Maurice, from the  the Liber ostensionis, 1526/27.

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