Love Stories by Readers

Uh I just thought about something romantic yesterday: As you may know my ex boyfriend was a ballet dancer at the opera here in Leipzig. It was kind of in the beginning when we met that the opera ball was taking place, which is actually a horrible “high society”event with super pricey tickets, lame music and some desperate c-listers looking for attention on the red carpet. But Stefano (my ex) asked some of his colleagues to distract the security while he was leading me through the back entrance. We spent a lot of time in the backstage area drinking with the other dancers and stealing bottles of wine from the rich people’s tables. Then we went upstairs to some technician’s “bridge” that goes high above the main hall of the opera where some traditional pair dancing to classical music was going on, which was actually nice to watch. Also we made out there. End of the story.

– Jan

Snowy day, hot spring at the outside on the top of the mountain, beautiful site

hair was freezing but body in the hot water was super warm, with the thrill of feeling that someone could watch us, had really romantic moment


– Jung Hong

I had this amazing tinder date once, it is the only tinder date I’ve ever been on because nothing will be able to top it!!! I was in New York to visit someone, but already before I went there I started writing with someone on tinder. I think we matched because he had just visited my city. The day I was flying out we started writing and realized we were going to New York at the exact same time. Coincidence?

We met up, we smoked a weed pen inside the Met, we talked about teaching children that the word for “water” was “fire” and vice versa, and how confusing it would be for them to encounter a fountain for the first time. They would be yelling “Fire! Fire!”. He took me to a hotel with a rooftop swimming pool where everyone was really hot. It was during the hottest day in history in New York City, there was literally a historical heat wave. I think I fell in love with him by the pool. We went to his friend’s house for a pre-party thing and kissed when we smoked a cigarette on the fire escape. Later we went to a party and the day after I was leaving the city. We decided to meet up to say farewell. We met in Starbucks, even though he thought it was unethical, but they had aircon.

My most romantic moment ever was when we went out on the street corner to say farewell. It was like a fusion of all romantic movies I have ever seen, a lovers face framed by Midtown skyscrapers, a heat wave, a separation, not knowing if we would ever see each other again. We exchanged instagram handles, embraced and walked in opposite directions. 10/10.

– anonymous_girl_94

February is my birthday month and I hate my birthday.
Every February I go on a travel for weeks by myself. February 2020, I was in Vienna, Austria. I could be anyone I wanted. 

One night, I had a date with a local boy that I matched with on a dating app.
He was beautiful. But strangely his beauty didn’t exclude me at all. There was something about this beauty that was welcoming and made my heart comfortable. We shared one pair of earphones. When he mentioned people in his life, his eyes glowed. I wished to be one of them.

After strolling for a while, we reached the Donau canal and sat on the shore. “Before I forget. Here, I made it for you. Today is 14th of February, Valentine’s Day”, he handed me a little handmade bouquet. Until then, I didn’t realize that it was Valentine’s Day. It had never been a big deal in my life and I told him so. “Same goes for me. But thanks to you, it’s become something memorable.”

Valentine’s Day is around the corner again and I still don’t know what to do on that day.

– Yuiko Osada

The best date is when you deep throat his little dick, you suck his swiss pension. Because giving it up to guys in Berlin with a similar age as yours is pointless. Artists, curators, sculptors, models… Absolute garbage. Don’t let yourself fall for the guys that you wanna date, that will make you cheap ass pasta at their dirty place. Swim in Russian champagne in French mountains. Looking for a cute handsome guy is a hell on earth. On Valentines Day please read Audre Lorde: Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power. And level up it’s 2023 girl.

– Oskar Pawelko

image: Pierre-Louise Herold

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