Out and in 2022


  • Mommy issues… how did we become so binary to make mommy symbolic for all good and daddy for all evil….
  • Being anonymous on the internet… 
  • Romance
  • The perfect man….
  • Flower arranging
  • Islam
  • cigarettes
  • hot pots
  • landlines
  • indiscret sofas 
  • A holiday where you just start walking and see how far you get
  • Irony and cynism… as romantic approach…. because the romantics have felt enough
  • beauty…. we’ve been gaslighted into believing aesthetics don’t count
  • dogs and cats
  • leaving
  • divine intervention directly through god
  • eating leftover body parts 
  • russia
  • Beate in california
  • Illusions
  • love letters 
  • London…people will say: I went to London, and it was sO abject!!! and so romantic!
  • Being nice to vegans and nonbinary people because it will not be an easy year for them
  • Jiggly rococo titties with real fat in them


  • recognising the evil within yourself


  • Professional emails……we can not keep writing things like Dear who it may concern, I hope this finds you well, for the rest of eternity. It will stop now. 
  • Restaurants… we’re moving into a more sensory era of late capitalism where cooking means leisure and tradition. …jobs are out….restaurants are for people with jobs… 
  • high culture. the great works have already been seen too much.
  • ads/social media accounts for brands and companies. what the fuck is this even.
  • texts that are just crying and sobbing all the fucking time
  • protestantism
  • jeans
  • staying
  • suffering
  • vegans
  • all other men but the perfect man
  • delusions
  • being swedish
  • ass
  • business relationships

text: Skärselden editorial + yrsa
editing: Fredrika Flinta

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